Birthday wood heart Photo Frame tutorial


Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by today.
I've got a quick tutorial for you on how I made my heart Photo Frame for our current challenge, Birthday with the added twist of Balloons. Enjoy!


This is what my project looked like:

步驟1 : 先在相框上塗一層Gesso,乾後再塗壓克力顏料。我用白色來降低藍色的色調,讓顏色更柔和。

Step 1 : Apply a layer of gesso and then another layer of acrylic paints on the frame. Let it's dry. To lighten the acrylic paint color, I add a bit of white paint to the sky.

步驟2 : 很開心這星期可以盡情的玩新印台Distress Oxide,它在維納斯象牙卡上,非常容易推色,我很喜歡它噴水之後的氧化效果。

Step 2 : What a fun time I've had this week playing with my new Distress Oxide pads! It's so easy to blend on Venus Wove. I love the oxidized effect when spraying it with water.

步驟3 : 蓋上氣球印章並剪下。

Step 3 : Stamp the balloon images and cut them out.

步驟4 : 將剪下的氣球固定在鐵絲上。在相框底座刺一個洞,將鐵絲插入固定。其他的氣球也將它們固定在小女孩手上。

Step 4 : Fix the iron wire on the back of the balloons. Pierce a hole in the wood base. Insert the iron wire into the hole.


Here are the close up of the project.

謝謝觀賞! 歡迎大家一起來參加挑戰。

Thanks so much for stopping by and hope this inspires you to join in our March Challenge. Can't wait to see what you make to link up and as always, happy creating!

Hugs & Love

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  1. Wonderful ideas on this and thank you for sharing how you made it

    Love Chrissie xx


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